Creve Coeur Paving takes paving to new heights

For decades Creve Coeur Paving has been providing top quality paving services to the St. Louis area. For the last ten years, we have strived to demonstrate to clients how we are different and how we focused on being the best paving contractor in St. Louis. Creve Coeur Paving was the first paving company in the country to implement online scheduling for paving projects; making it more convenient for clients to monitor the progression of our schedule queue. We were also one of the first paving companies in the St. Louis area to develop a website with a vast array of photos depicting our work.

Now we have gone to a whole new level of media marketing. We are providing care guides, educational guides, technical guides and more all on video. Our videos are intended to provide clients and consumers with a clear explanation of what they should expect from their paving project. Asphalt paving is not something you can go make comparisons and pickup from your local department store or online retailer. Five different paving contractors using the same specifications will install and finish your paving project with completely different results. Your paving project is an intangible service requiring high amounts of skill and attention to detail. There are hundreds of differences between paving contractors. Every contractor views its clients’ needs differently and will perform specified scopes at very different levels of quality. We aim to show everyone our top level performance by offering videos covering all aspects of services and products we offer.

Our mission is to make sure St. Louis area clients shopping for a paving contractor spend their money with the best return on investment possible. Check out our videos and SEE why Creve Coeur Paving is your best solution for your pavement needs.

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