January 27th 2010

St. Louis Based Creve Coeur Paving has integrated online scheduling into its website.  The new system will benefit customers by making schedules available 24 hours a day.  This will alleviate problems and conflicts for property managers and private consumers.

Dealing with an asphalt paving contractor can be stressful.  Once a customer has made it through all the hurdles of selecting a firm to contract with, they are then subjected to the anticipation of starting and completing that project.  Proposed start dates are very hard to keep due to circumstantial issues such as:  delays on jobs already in progress, inclement weather, material shortages, or even mechanical breakdowns.  This is not only a problem for the patron, but the paving contractor as well.  The last thing a reputable contractor wants is conflicts in scheduling.

The management of Creve Coeur Paving has implemented a new interactive scheduling program into their website that allows patrons to monitor exactly where their project is on the schedule.  The schedule is updated at least once a day by the operations manager.  Customers no longer have to make a phone call and wait for an answer on when their job will be completed.  They can simply log on to the website anytime and check.  Jobs are lined out on a first come, first serve basis according to when contracts are received.  Certain projects that take multiple days will be outlined as such, according to our expected timeline.  Gaps will be left in the schedule to compensate for rain days.  If an issue such as rain occurs on a project date, that job and all subsequent jobs will be moved into the next spaces.  If a customer finds a conflict, they can inform the operations manager quickly via an e-mail or phone call.  Changes are made within the day notified.

The schedule includes a very simple to read graphical interface that looks like a regular calendar.  The calendar has an added feature that shows the weather outlook for next 5 days from the present time.  This feature will inform the patron of likely storms that may change the schedule.  User information on the site is kept private.  Patrons must log in to the site using a unique user name and password.  Projects are displayed on the schedule using a familiar abbreviation.  Full names are not used.

Creve Coeur Paving is confident that this new system will bring more efficiency to its asphalt paving operations.  Paving contractors in St. Louis have always had a hard time scheduling just because of weather.  Now people can be informed when their asphalt driveway, asphalt parking lot, or road will be paved.  Online scheduling makes life less stressful for everyone.

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