Infrared Thermal Asphalt Repair is more durable than traditional repair method.  Saw cut repairs leave a seam between the old and new asphalt that will allow water to penetrate the repair.  Unsightly Skin patch repairs have a raised transition which can cause repair failure which can crack, separate or chip away.  The thermal repair process heats the existing asphalt to its original state; bonding the repair to the surrounding asphalt.

Creve Coeur Paving has recognized the need for a cost effective solution to providing permanent repairs to defects in asphalt pavements.  The solution was found in thermal asphalt repair.  This process applies low overhead techniques that concentrate on recycling and reducing the amount of asphalt required to achieve proper pavement repairs.  Repairs are completed on site with one third the equipment, one third the material, and much less man power.

The process usually is much faster than conventional means and more permanent.  The equipment utilized provides a revolutionary approach.  This means less money spent to make necessary repairs on roads, parking lots, and other asphalt surfaces.

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