When St. Louis property owners are faced with relying on a professional asphalt contractor for completing major projects, there is little information to determine significant differences between companies. We want you to be well informed and comfortable about the decision you're about to make. Whether you're resurfacing a small asphalt driveway or constructing a new road for your subdivision, we take your project seriously. Our passion is your pavement project. We want to give you the best service for the life of your surface . This guide may be slightly long, but it addresses important issues most consumers are unaware of. We appreciate your time.

You may notice from the start that our bids look a little different than our competitors. That's because we deliver custom proposals for every job. Every project possesses unique variables that require individual attention to form the best solution.

Here are some other unique details you may notice when working with us.

  • We approach every job with the "Greatest return on Your investment," as our number one objective. Your estimator may ask, "How long do you expect to live at your home?", "How long do you plan on owning your commercial lot?", "Will you have any new drivers using the driveway in the next 5 years?", "Where is your refuse container going to be located on your new lot?" All these questions will help us figure the best approach for developing a solution that will maximize use of your money.
  • Our prices may be slightly higher than others. The reasoning is because we use higher than standard practices, materials, training and equipment to ensure your satisfaction. There are many crucial measures that we take to be sure that you get the best possible pavement. For example, we quote the compacted thickness of asphalt surfaces. Most St. Louis asphalt contractors will quote you pre-compacted thicknesses of asphalt which may result in a cheaper price.
  • Your custom proposal may consist of processes or materials that are unique when compared to bids from other companies. We offer exclusive methods of base construction, asphalt paving processes, and thermal bonded pavement repairs that challenge out-of-date practices others use. These developments are meant to offer remedies to common problems associated with typical pavement failures.
  • When directly comparing our jobs to others, be sure to look at the density of the "mat" or surface. There should be little or no voids between the aggregates. Surface "streaks" or "pocked" marks are a sign of a bad or thin mat. At worst, joints between passes should be barely visible to the untrained eye. Joints should also be at the same level with the same "flatness" across the seam (No ridges or depressions). Make sure exposed edges of pavement are consistently straight, or shaped. Also ensure those same edges have a tightly compacted 60 degree edge. Edges that aren't constructed this way are unsightly and erode away over time. Transitional areas between pavement and garage floors, walkways, streets, or utility lids should be properly addressed. There should be no "bumps", "step-ups", "drop offs", "thinly glued asphalt", or "encroachment" present. Also make sure there are no bad drainage areas that will hold water. If a surface holds water it will suffer from premature failure, or can cause bodily harm in freezing temperatures.
  • We are capable of servicing your asphalt surface for any aspects it may need over its entire lifetime. Our team members undergo training seminars in the winter season to make sure they are up to date on the latest equipment and processes. We also retain 90% of our employees every season. We strive to create a "team work" atmosphere in order to provide the most efficient means of completing your project.
  • We have coordinated multiple systems that others can't or don't offer. These systems guarantee you'll receive consistent, competent service from us.
    • Your estimator develops a custom proposal to suit your specific needs. Your proposal will first be e-mailed to you for review, then followed up by a hard copy in the mail.
    • Upon receipt of your signed proposal you will receive a letter or e-mail communicating to you important steps we are taking and steps you can take to be sure you have the best experience possible.
    • Upon receipt of your signed proposal, your project will be uploaded to our online scheduling system. This system allows you to monitor the start date, and progress of your project 24 hours a day. Using the online schedule feature is easy and allows you to make changes to your agenda or ours if needed.
    • During the process you will be notified of any important issues that are encountered. In our long history we have encountered nearly all known situations, and are capable of advising the best resolution for any issues.
    • Upon completion you will be presented with a care guide that outlines important tips for you to consider when using your new surface. There are also good facts about maintenance and providing the best care for your new surface.
    • Upon completion one of our team members will go over your project with you and answer any questions you have. This process is documented to ensure your approval.
    • Our company belongs to several national organizations that offer us networking abilities that keep us up to date with industry specific information, productivity improvements, management systems, and customer care solutions. Our participation in these networks provides resources that ultimately give you unmatched results.
  • We also highly encourage potential clients to consult with outside reporting agencies such as the Better Business Bureau. These groups are great for assisting consumers in their decision of selecting a professional contractor. These agencies will disclose complaints even if the company is a member of its organization. We have never had any complaints in our 35 year history.


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