Creve Coeur Paving has created its very own base design.  This design is called Perma-Base.  Perma-Base is the result of years of researching pavement defects.  Most pavement defects are caused by underlying base issues.  A weak or unstable base will compromise the integrity of asphalt surfaces.  Have you ever noticed the amount of skin patches being installed on commercial surfaces that are less than 3 years old?  Asphalt pavement should be able to last at least 5 years without defect as long as the base rock is designed and installed properly.

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Without divulging major details, Perma-Base is a system of rock base situated in multiple layers to stabilize moist or plastic soils.  Clay is prevalent in our soils here in the St. Louis area.  Western regions have even more clay.  These soils are not suitable for building on. When clay drys out, it shrinks and causes severe cracking or expansion.  Clay also soaks up water like a sponge and does not let moisture drain.  These two scenarios are the leading causes of pavement defects.  Installing a simple crushed rock base over dirt just doesn't perform well in these conditions.  This type of rock base will yield under pressure if the soil it is on moves, or is wet.  When the base yields, so will the asphalt.  This is how cracks and major holes are formed. 

Perma-Base simply provides a stable barrier between the soil and the asphalt.  Wet soils are allowed to stay wet, as Perma-Base is permeable.  This means water that percolates through the soil is allowed to migrate beneath the base without causing excessive movement in the soil.  This also means that water will not surface through the asphalt.  Water that surfaces through asphalt will cause severe deterioration and ice in winter months.  In drought conditions Perma-Base will provide a bridge like base for the asphalt to rest on. This allows the clay to shrink and crack without disturbing the pavement above.  Basically, all the defects that you see in your pavement are kept below the barrier of Perma-Base.  The defects only become an expensive problem if they are allowed to surface through the asphalt pavement. 

It’s cost effective.  Installing Perma-Base does not cost much more than conventional base designs.  You will save lots of money on reduced maintenance and repair costs.  Your asphalt pavement will also retain its good looks for more years.  A major reduction in cracks is a huge benefit of Perma-Base.  The leading cause of cracks is expansion. Expansion is kept below the surface of the asphalt.  If you don't have cracks, you don't have to fill them.

Perma-Base allows for heavier load forces.  This means you don't have to increase thickness of asphalt to accommodate large trucks or other heavy vehicles.
Perma-Base also provides a suitable surface for construction vehicles to use.  Project managers will have one less thing to worry about.  Conventional bases are damaged easily by concrete or refuse trucks.  Now you don't have to wait to install the base until right before paving takes place.

You'll gain the most return on investment when using Perma-Base. Less repair and maintenance will put more money into your bottom line
Perma-Base is available on both Commercial and Residential surfaces.

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