Creve Coeur Paving is one of St. Louis' only paving contractors that offers heated asphalt driveways.  Imagine being able to have the freedom of getting in your car and driving away without having to shovel troublesome snow and ice from your driveway.  Ice and snow are melted away from the surface quickly, providing you easy access to and from your home.  Heated asphalt driveways also eliminate the likelyhood that someone will damage your driveway with snow removal equipment.

There are different levels of heated asphalt driveways.  The simplest system is a manually plugged in (inside your home) system that heats two runners for your tires to ride in.  This system leaves two strips of the surface warm and clean of ice and snow.  The most elaborate system includes sensors that automatically control any size or number of heating pads to melt the largest of areas.

Our customers report melting times of approximately 5-8 minutes in 6" accumulations.  The installation is completed by Creve Coeur Paving with the help of a licensed electrician.  Turn on the heat and inquire about heated asphalt driveways today.

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