Our services aren’t limited to the typical offerings of St. Louis paving contractors.  Our expertise extends beyond the realm of just asphalt.  Specialty services are suited to those clients looking to enhance their property whether it’s a commercial or residential location.  Some of our specialty services will also reduce the costs associated with maintaining your asphalt surface, while extending life and enhancing looks.

  • Decorative Edging:  Composed of cobblestone, or brick pavers aligning the edge of your pavement, creating a curb.  These types of edging will add beauty to your driveway while providing the function of a conventional curb.  This service is offered with a new driveway or existing pavement.
  • Drainage Systems:  Do you have problems caused by storm water, hydrostatic pressure, ice buildup, or a faulty culvert pipe?  We can custom design and build any type of drainage system to suit your needs of your asphalt driveway or asphalt parking lot.   We can route water discharging from downspout gutters, install catch basins, culvert pipes, and French drains (underground water collection).   We only incorporate the highest quality materials.  All systems utilize the highest quality materials:  PVC pipe, cast iron catch basins, galvanized culverts, and filter fabrics. 
  • Heated Driveway:  Designed to provide St. Louis families ease of access during snow and ice.  Heated driveways will provide a clear path or complete area free of ice and snow without the use of salts or chemicals.  Heated driveway systems operate off of household electric systems and can be installed in new or existing asphalt driveways.
  • Patio Pavers:  We can transform a section of your back yard into a comfortable area for entertaining or hanging out.  Patios are built with brick pavers.  There is a wide selection of choices.
  • Perma-Base:  Our solution to weak or plastic soils.  There are two major reasons to consider incorporating Perma-Base into your next asphalt paving project.  Perma-Base greatly reduces the chances of cracks forming in asphalt by creating a bridging effect over clay soils.  Perma-Base also relieves hydrostatic pressure issues in commercial pavement designs.
  • Petro-Tac:  Used in asphalt overlays to prevent existing cracks from reflecting through a new asphalt surface to be installed.  Petro-tac strips come in various widths and are placed directly over the targeted crack.  Greatly reduces cracking in asphalt, and maintenance costs associated with crack filling.
  • Retaining Walls:  We can construct a segmented type or monolithic poured concrete wall for whatever your purposes are.  Commercial, residential, decorative, or load bearing.  We can custom design a retaining wall that works for your property.
  • Sport Courts:  Do you need a specialized surface for a recreational sport?  Let us design and build according to your needs.  We can install different types of coatings and striping layouts for Basketball, Tennis, or Shuffleboard.


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